Learn about Dr. Pams chiropractic clinic in the heart of King West.
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The Clinic

Established in 2011

Almost 100% of Dr. Pam’s practice is built on word of mouth!

After gaining years of experience as the on-site corporate chiropractor at American Express and practicing alongside family doctors in a multidisciplinary setting, Dr. Pam has taken her knowledge and expertise downtown to the King West Neighborhood.  She has created a warm, inviting and healing atmosphere at the intersection of King and Bathurst.  Her patients feel welcomed, relaxed, cared for, not rushed, and above all, confident in her ability to keep their bodies feeling and functioning as they are designed to; pain free and mobile.  Dr. Pam is a sole practitioner and has been told by many patients that her approach and space offers more of a personal touch than large scale or elaborate clinics, where people often feel like a “number”.  She prides herself in taking the necessary time to address your health care concerns in an efficient and effective manner and is very thorough in her approach to getting to the root of the problem.

Most of today’s working population are sitting more and more, which plays havoc on our spine and nervous system.  You may have heard the “sitting is the new smoking” quote which has surfaced from numerous research studies proving the ill effects that sitting has on the body.  Dr. Pam has developed a unique skill set for diagnosing and treating office related stress and strain.  Her many and ongoing years treating American Express employees have been instrumental in shaping her tailored treatment approach for office related issues.  Her patient base includes office workers, manual laborers, athletes of all types (weekend warriors and professionals), kids, seniors, pregnant women and nursing mothers.