First Visit
What you need to know for your first visit with Dr. Pam.
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First Visit

The initial assessment includes a detailed, one-on-one history with Dr. Pam as well as a comprehensive orthopedic examination.  Together, they formulate the diagnosis (root cause of the pain and discomfort).  At this time the report of findings is discussed with the patient where they have ample opportunity to ask questions.  After giving informed consent, Dr. Pam commences treatment on this initial visit.


The first step is a one-on-one thorough history with Dr. Pam, which gives you the opportunity to discuss your health care concerns in a non-rushed manner while Dr. Pam gathers information about your current concerns and general health.  Her specific questions are purposeful in getting to the root cause of your problem.  Experienced chiropractors like Dr. Pam can actually formulate a diagnosis based on the history alone.  The examination confirms what the chiropractor has already gathered in the history.


After the history, the physical assessment is performed which is comprehensive and includes range of motion testing, postural assessment, static and motion palpation, orthopedic testing as well as  reflex, sensory and muscle testing.  The purpose of the physical examination is to determine which muscles, joints and nerves of the body are not functioning properly and to confirm the diagnosis gathered from the history.

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Report of Findings

Dr. Pam explains the patient’s diagnosis in detail so that they have a clear understanding of why they are feeling the way they are and how, specifically, chiropractic care can help.  She also gives a detailed description of the spine and nervous system (in layman’s terms) and overviews exactly what to expect in terms of the treatment and plan of care.


Dr. Pam offers a wide variety of techniques ranging from the traditional, diversified/manual adjustments to lower force and lighter techniques.  She discusses these options with patients so that a treatment plan will be set out which is fully understood, comfortable and individualized for each patient.  Everyone should feel excited to go to the chiropractor and not pressured, scared or uncomfortable.

You can expect to spend approximately 45-60 mins for the initial assessment which includes the treatment.  It is not Dr. Pam’s philosophy to make the patient wait for the second visit for the treatment.  If you walk in with pain and discomfort, she wants you to leave feeling like you are on your way to a pain-free existence.  There are exceptions where treatment cannot be initiated until the second visit.  An example would be if x-rays or other diagnostic tests are needed to confirm a diagnosis or rule out a more serious underlying cause of discomfort.

Follow up treatments are usually 15-20 minutes but she offers extended visits (30 mins) for those having more complicated cases that require additional time.